2×4 Stand Corner Bracket

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NEW! 2×4 Stand Corner bracket allows you to now utilize a 2×4 to mount a target while being held up with pipe legs.
Sold as a pair, made from 1/4″ steel and uses (3/4″ id) pipe legs. add a 2×4 hanger and target.
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No Pipe Hooks, Pipe Hooks, 2×4 Hanger, No 2×4 Hanger

22 reviews for 2×4 Stand Corner Bracket

  1. Mountain Hardwear

    awesome piece, basically the only thing you need and yet so simple. ive used close to 1,000 rounds so far and they dont even have a dent.

  2. asics store

    We carry this bracket in our store, our customers love it. AR500-Targets thought this out completely and I love how they’re made from AR500 as well.

  3. reebok me

    I think this bracket is a great idea, do you guys make any extenders for the pipe?

  4. Gwimm

    Got these for the 6 plate rack, awesome set up. Very fun, very easy and super durable. We saw it was shot with our AR15 and it took it a few times no problem!

  5. berghaus

    Ships for free as well, love these for our set ups

  6. Mtoza

    Talked to Andrew and he recommended these, very happy with this purchase.

  7. Andreas

    I got two sets thinking I would break the first one like another bracket I had used from another target company. These ones have taken my 30.06 and still hold up. Very well thought out by using armor!

  8. Sergio


  9. Czar

    Best bracket on the market. Actually takes rifle and is made for every use you can think of. I use these for all of my set ups, its too easy.

  10. Kuig

    Love it!

  11. JD

    durable as a mother fucker, now i have 20 feet of chain sitting around still


    Ive got to say the web site is very easy to use and the shipping was even better, nice stuff guys

  13. NickToant

    Got the pipe ones and then saw these, got these also. Now I have two set ups and to be honest I cant decide which I like more but I can say these brackets allow me to use a plate rack up close and I love that for handgun. Very amazing at how much you can do and how AR500 made them a universal piece.

  14. Vaauxi

    Andrew is great at the store, I told him what I was looking for and he told me about these as an option. A little pricey but he did go over how it is armor, I waiting until after shooting and they lasted the entire camping trip. Very happy with this product and the sale they are running

  15. Gwen

    Very nice!

  16. QOTH

    Got 3 sets during the sale the stands are awesome

  17. Hodor

    to be honest you dont ever really hit the 2×4 so its a great set up the target is in front of everything

  18. Nadia&Nate

    Added these onto our plate rack purchase, to be honest we will have a whole range set up in no time lol

  19. Callaway

    Multiple rifle hit rated, my boys can attest no problem

  20. TravisTheTravesty

    Called and Andrew told me about these that are on sale, gotta say they work awesome

  21. KiaDom

    perfect for my setup

  22. Bobby

    these are great bought a pair off eBay and I couldn’t get the 2×4 thru these fit great

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