AR500 Milk Jug Target

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AR500-Targets has the milk jug challenge!
This Milk Jug Silhouette measures 10 inches tall, at the top width is 5 inches and base 7 inches.
This simulates a real milk jug to exact silhouette dimensions if hung from the handle.
We have cut this to have two holes to be used with AR500 hangers, 2×4 hanger, or T Post Mount.
One hanger by design is longer than the other.
to give you the same angle the milk jug would be hung from while the 2×4 keyhole gives you that same angle as well.
This is the target for the Milk Jug challenge.
utilizing our long range flagging kit once the target is struck you can see the flagging kit wave back at you.
Combos come with pipe legs and all brackets needed for assembly, targets come unpainted.
flagging kit does not come with cardboard or paper but can be cut to any size or color!
If a Milk jug is placed with a set of AR500 Hangers the set of hangers will come with one long and one short.
unless otherwise specified to give the angle designed for the AR500 Milk Jug Target.
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Milk Jug Combo

AR500 Milk Jug Target, 24" Pipe Stand combo, 24" 2×4 hanger combo, 24" Pipe Stand with Long Range Flagging kit


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