Celare conceal vest



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NEW CONCEAL (CPV) Vest Easy to Hide Under a wind breaker or Jacket.

The latest product in our Tactical vest line up is the re-engineered CELARE Advanced 2.0 Plate Carrier.
The CELARE 2.0 is designed specifically as a covert mission plate carrier. A low-profile solution to the need for armor in the rapidly changing tactical situations encountered by the warfighter and operator. Designed for the user who needs a low profile and full active ballistic protection. Discreet, yet quick and easy to don and doff, it is perfect for use on undercover operations.

While ballistic protection is critical, the additional benefit of comfort is also important. The elastic side construction keeps the armor inserts snug against the body while in motion. This is not only comfortable while wearing but allows the operator to wear the carrier for longer without experiencing discomfort.

While the carrier is sleek, lightweight and discreet, it is also tough and sacrifices nothing when it comes to protection.
Plates that can be used with the CELARE 2.0 include:

• Level lllA Soft

• Level lll & lll+ Steel and Poly

• Level lV Ceramic.

The CELARE 2.0 carrier, has been developed and constructed as the most robust sleek carrier available on the market today. Rigorously tested in the harshest environments and conditions, it is the ultimate lightweight plate carrier for all operators, warfighters and law enforcement.



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