Corner Bracket Pipe Stand

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Pipe Stand Corner Bracket
Made from 1/4″ Steel these brackets can take a rifle hit and still keep the stand in working condition.
Replacing chain and other brackets completely.
Accepts 3/4 inch id pipes.
Usually ships  3-5 business days

6 reviews for Corner Bracket Pipe Stand

  1. Thomas

    Great product I ended up buying a ton because another company I had previously got them from were poorly made and we shot them up way to fast. These on the other hand are great, ended up passing a few around to friends who use them and ended up getting targets as well. Top product

  2. Stephengrity

    These pipe stand brackets are worth more than gold. Amazing AR500 pieces slide right into 3/4″ pipe and I have never had to replace them. I did purchase extra hangers and still have them but these are ingenious.

  3. Patrick

    Great buy, made from armor so they are durable. Will get more but dont see the need they take little to no damage.

  4. Thomasa

    when i called i figured i would need quite a few sets since i use a lot of rifle rounds and these were going on my own range. spoke with andrew and he explained that they are made from armor and will take rifle. so far im a few thousand rounds and still have the original sets, great product

  5. Gabb

    These things are great, super simple super durable super easy and cheap.

  6. one and one

    much better than that crap I bought on eBay they broke first weekend these are made out of ar500 solid purchase

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