Level 3+ 2 AR550 Plates with Sentry Vest

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IN STOCK USUALLY SHIPS FROM OUR FACILITY IN 1-2  DAYS!!!! Unlike others with 8 to 14 weeks lead time.

NEW XL WITH 11X14  PLATES NOW AVAILABLE ( use drop down menu for size)


Plate Carrier Comes with  2 Level 3+ AR550 Curved and Standard Coating NO EXTRA COST

Available in Black, Tan, OD Green, Black Multicam and Multicam

Additional Full Frag Mitigation Coating Available.    May take 2-3 Days extra.

Our AR550 body armor is special threat tested up to level III+ and our AR550 plates are NIJ .06 certified Level III are designed to stop six spaced hits of 7.62x51mm NATO FMJ M80 at a velocity of ~2780 ft/s.Level III+ is a designation that the body armor industry has adopted to show the capabilities of armor beyond the NIJ Level III testing. This indicates that the plate can withstand higher velocity rifle rounds.

The NIJ intends to address this gap between Ballistic Level III and Level IV in establishing the RF2 category of the 0101.07 standard.

If you’re looking to buy body armor and you want advanced rifle rated threat protection at a budget friendly price then we highly suggest our AR550 armor plates.

AR550 body armor has a core hardness of approximately 545-560 BHN, which is perfect for defeating higher velocity threats. If you’re looking to buy body armor with advanced rifle-rated threat protection at a budget-friendly price, AR550 body armor plates may be your best bet.

What Impacts Can AR550 Withstand?
Our AR550 body armor can withstand impacts from lead centerfire rounds traveling at 3200 FPS or less, at a distance of 100 yards. It can also handle impacts from much closer.

Tested under NIJ-0101.06 III ballistic body armor standards.

Description :
– Emergency drag handle.
– Detachable shoulder pads.
– 2 x curved and coated 10 x 12 plates.

– Easy access to ballistic plates with pull down flaps.
– Adjustable with Easy Hook and Loop System.
– All armor compartments (front, back & two side) have hook and loop panel.
– Lightly padded mesh on front and back harness for comfort and airflow.

due to issues involving the current state of level 3+ not yet being recognized by the nij the actual label will read level 3

Additional information


Black Multi Cam, Multicam, Woodland camo, Black, Conceal (CVP) Vest, OD Green, Tan


Base Coat, Full Frag Mitigation coating +$65

10X12 11X14



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