Plate Rack Shoot to Reset

$1,100.00 $900.00


NEW! This new Plate Rack is a Shoot to Reset. Unlike Others That Simply fall and need a string to reset.
ours Is a True Shoot to Reset Arcade Target.
Made from 3/8″ AR500 material and designed to reset when struck. The top paddle will fall backward when hit and to reset you will need to hit the bottom paddle, the kinetic energy will reset the top allowing for a fun target taking thousands of rounds. 3/8″ AR500 is rated for 3000fps. (Rifle) and below.
Easy to Transport.
Simply Slide the 2 Armor Bars into the Multi Purpose Bases.
Bolt the 2 Sections Together Slide it onto the Armor Bars and your Ready to go shootsteel.
Comes Complete With 2 Multi Purpose Bases and 2 Armor Bars
With Free Shipping You wont find a Better Target Setup


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