Silhouette Combo 60% With Stand

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AR500-Targets Top selling base is coming with this combo! 60% AR500 Silhouette measuring 10×18.5 inches.
These AR500 steel targets are rated for Rifle at 100 yards 30.06 and below.
.50 cal at 500 yards and handgun any safe distance.
Combo includes Silhouette, 2×4 cap and Simply Better stand.
Just Add 2×4 from any local hardware store.

2×4 Sizes do vary and it is better to have a tighter fit than a loose one.
If your 2×4 is water logged or too large simply shave a little off.

This system can also fit into our target carrying bag.
Add Hostage Target or Bullet Blocker From Drop Down Menu.
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4 reviews for Silhouette Combo 60% With Stand

  1. Jake Diaz (verified owner)

    i was kinda wondering if this target was to small,but its the perfect size for the pistol range and large enough for the rifle range. combined with the target stand and hanger it doesn’t get any better for the price. absolutely happy with this purchase and will be buying more.

  2. samg

    great product thank you

  3. Outer Edge Rifles

    Good work here. Great job.

  4. Harold

    I would say this is the one. It was nailed by everything we hd from beginning to end.

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