Good Guy Bad Guy Silhouette Combo

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Hostage Head and Chest Silhouette Combo is Truly a Great System.
Everything you need to practice marksmanship in 1 package.
Comes with a Hostage Head & Chest Target.
Has 2 Paddles that when Hit Flip from Side to Side.
Includes 2×4 Post Kit to Mount onto a 2×4 and our Alpha stand.
2×4 Not included.
Hostage Target is 3/8″ thickness rated to 30.06 at 100 yards.
Works great with pistols.
Usually ships within a few days

7 reviews for Good Guy Bad Guy Silhouette Combo

  1. El Lalo

    pricing on point and takes glock and ar15

  2. david

    Best target out on the market. The fact the set up comes all together Everything was there the shipping took 3 days total and it works great guys!

  3. Sannyzep

    best target ever

  4. MatKacy

    Found this Online it is very inexpensive for what you are getting. I have been using for a couple months and Love it

  5. tommy

    Muchas gracias. Great target

  6. huynhcliff (verified owner)

    Very nice design but the cut out for the 2×4 is very tight. 1.5inch x 3.5inch exactly. Makes it hard to put the 2×4 in when it’s humid. I might have to grind it out a little.

    • ar500-targets (verified owner)

      thank you for the purchase the stand is designed to accept a standard 2×4 and we intensionally cut it so it will fit a bit tight the alternative would be a loose 2×4 and that would be a issue

  7. John (verified owner)

    The target itself is hi quality, but the stand is the best part. it works great!

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