Single Plate Quick Rack combo

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Single Plate Quick Rack System from AR500-TARGETS.
Each plate rack comes with two 2×4 corner brackets,
One AR500 Hangers (double sided) hang lollipop from rear.
Comes in Three Plate Sizes use drop down menu to select

One 8″ 10″ or 12″ round AR500 Target.

easily add 2×4 hanger to enlarge setup

Recommend 4 section 24″ 3/4″ conduit, 4′ 2×4 NOT INCLUDED

Usually ships within  3-5 business days

rated to 30.06 at 100 yards

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10", 12", 8"

22 reviews for Single Plate Quick Rack combo

  1. Murray Roper

    I reckon you discover something brand-new everyday yet it won’t be this great. Regards, Murray Roper

  2. Moravia

    My husband loves this thing, said it was one of the best b-day presents. I am very happy with it

  3. CJ

    got it from their store in upland during the sale.talked to andrew and clark. great guys thanks for hooking it up

  4. Sergio Rossi

    My pal and I have been just talking about this particular target. We love it, he also got a dueling tree so I guess its my turn. Looking at the double tap next! Great work!

  5. EHB

    I love this set up. We use it everywhere we go, we typically leave it in our camping gear but recently have found us going shooting more and more simply because of how well these set up. Never have we shot something so sturdy and easy to set up it makes shooting very easy to practice.

  6. reebok outlet coupon

    Got this set up, switched to pipe after awhile because of my little ones, awesome that I did not have to get another stand. I ordered another one anyways and now stagger them on the range to get different distances.

  7. FiskCubs

    Easy to use. very nice target guys

  8. Sepell

    I Ordered 4 of them. I was hesitant unsure in the fact if I would get them all at once or over a period of time. They came in two boxes same shipping dates and tracking was sent for both. Very impressed with turn around from AR500 and quality is amazing, everything you expect from a high quality steel target. I already used our rifles on it and it has no dents like some other companies.

  9. Acres

    got this and the 8 inch round they sell as a combo. both are great the 12″ is actually kind of easy for me to hit now but at 400 meters its still perfect.

  10. NVQ

    Love the set up, got the bag also!

  11. DJ

    sounds the best thing about it and nobody commenting lol. LOUD everyone wants to know what we shootin tell em its that ar500

  12. JeffWakiniski

    Took the kids 338 lapua. good shit

  13. Jnedia

    Very nice targets, my husband thought for sure he would shoot thru these but I told him they’re different after speaking with Andrew from their store. Andrew went over every caliber I had questions about and recommended this set up stating it was easy to use and a popular one at long distances.

  14. Hannaquir

    ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  15. Gia

    Works great, mainly I use shotgun and handgun and it held up no problem

  16. Robert

    durable target put at least a thousand rounds of rifle in it

  17. parajumper

    Amazing prices guys, liking the package deal

  18. Renee

    so easy to set up, and not too heavy! all does fit in the target bag

  19. patagonia green thumb

    I just couldnt leave your website before telling you how much we enjoyed this set up. It really is a great idea and works to perfection (which is hard to do considering it takes a bullet) much appreciated AR500!

  20. Jordan

    Such a nice ring

  21. Randy


  22. that guy

    I believe you have produced a few rather interesting product you did it so nicely, Brilliant one, man! Very fantastic things right here.

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