SS101 60% Target

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NEW AR500-Targets SS101 Target! 60% Silhouette.

Comes with two armor base pieces to be used as a stand or to be used with pipe for a taller target.
Includes. 3/8″ AR500 Silhouette 11″ X 19″,                                                                                       2 x AR500 base pieces.

just add 4 sections of 3/4 conduit or black pipe 24″or 36″ recommended PIPE NOT INCLUDED.

Rated to 30.06 at 100 yards.

Target is angled to increase target longevity while providing a solution for ricochet.
Limited assembly required just slide the Silhouette into the cut outs.
Silhouette measures at 11×18 not including stand height.
Usually ships within  3-5 business days

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1/4" Thickness, 3/8" Thickness

39 reviews for SS101 60% Target

  1. MariaN

    Ordered this from Andrew, spoke with him and told him it was for an early valentines for my husband but we already have a set of gongs and want something away from a hanger set up. He recommended this and it was perfect, was not sure if it came with the legs but it does. Comes with everything you need right out of the box, thank you

  2. TimothyEa

    Loving this super simple and durable target. I take this one every time I go out

  3. SpeedyRouille

    i called and wanted to do a tactical range set up but keep it pretty budget. spoke with andrew who recommended a variety and emailed a few pictures, he even added these to a picture of the range i had so i could get a better idea. i set the range up almost identical and wouldnt change a thing, got 4 of these and wont be having to replace them for awhile will definitely call back to get a dueling tree

  4. Delena

    called their store and spoke with andrew who gave me a recommendation on this target. My husband got it early for valentines and loves it, again thank you!

  5. Annie Patrino

    works very well, my kids love it and can set it up on their own with ease

  6. Derek Jarvis

    Went into the locataion after talking toa ndrew on the phone, met with clark ibelieve. very nice guy, he showed me how to set it up answered all my questions and sold me an extra set of legs just in case. will for sure come back

  7. Frankv

    takes my 5.56 no problem. first had my doubts but the material is better than your average steel

  8. Jerrysinbound

    my wife first ordered this and i thought we were missing hardware, actually takes none for set up and is very very easy to transport. well thought out design, very nice work

  9. gary6

    very sturdy. easy to use

  10. sara doncalonwsky

    Ordered during the sale and it came very quick. unpainted but it doesn’t matter since we went shooting and any paint comes off after a few clips. After getting this all you need is some paint

  11. soulware

    good shit

  12. karlsweeton

    got two during the sale and can say staggering them to make my own range is very interesting. I love this product and will deccide on a few others to get to add, this one rocks

  13. Riiny

    very nice product!

  14. marineLAP0331

    took this to work and can tell you its made to take a beating. boys love it, thanks guys!

  15. Tej

    Very durable, I got the bag with it but the silhoutte is a little too wide i guess to fit, regardless only an inch sticks out and very easy to transport. Very nice idea guys

  16. balakierjason

    wanted something that could take rifle since nothing around me local can. holes just straight thru. anyways this does the trick

  17. VinnyC

    the angle takes the ricochet away, finally got the wife shooting since she saw the literal fragmentation go straight into the dirt.

  18. annag

    called and spoke with andrew i believe, he said this was on sale and explained how it worked. exactly what i was looking for my husband loves it and is amazed at the simplicity. thank you!

  19. JOHN

    AR500 is not regular steel this stuff takes a beating and then some

  20. afflicted

    ordered 3, the packaging was kind of torn but they were all taped up so it didnt matter. the targets work great, very pleased

  21. ssssuzannnnn

    ordered from the bearded one in store, will be coming back

  22. Catarina

    Went shooting with family and all I have are brothers, I brought this and they all wanted to know where I got it. Thank you guys this target was the best out there and we will for sure be getting more!

  23. burgetty

    I called in to asked what range the lapua would be good to, I believe it was andrew who recommended 250 yards for max life potential of the target. 250 is great I did experiment and get closer to 150 yards I think 100 and it did some damage but not much to complain about. Very nice VERY durable

  24. hangten

    love profile no ricochet, doesn’t beat that as a target.

  25. selee


  26. cathS

    the target is about the size of 185lb chest, great realistic practice, set a few up an create a range

  27. kevinsven

    does not get better than free shipping on a sale, wish i could get more from you guys!

  28. SADE

    One of my favorites, the kids can even set it up so they feel more involved and get a better understanding. I feel this is a great stepping stone for anyone getting into shooting or even for the more advanced you can set a few up, we got two and may get a few other types to stagger on our range

  29. Lashell

    someone got legos as a kid! this thing is amazing

  30. Beverriea

    It was this or the 140 with two targets, I called and talked to someone but they were very understanding and said this may be better and was also on sale. Went with this and could not be happier, thank you!

  31. ginafellows

    love this

  32. rhanny

    basically what everyone else said during this sale except it did come very quick and with everything you need

  33. wiesweg

    ordered two, came in one large box in two days. very nice guys

  34. Raiderguy

    shipping was easy, got one box everything was in it. Very nice cant wait to shoot

  35. Sam Burton

    I really like how easy this was to set up, it handles all our families rifle ammunition. We bring this with us every time now.

  36. Rick c

    all I can is yes

  37. Dan f

    great target all in one package

  38. Joeaea

    great target

  39. Walden

    Great company and great targets. This is set up on our public range in Middle TN. We told them what we needed as they didn’t have it on display. They came out and we talked it out and within a few days we had exactly what we needed at a great price. No issues at all. We will be getting more from them.

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