6 Paddle Dueling Tree

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Talk About Fun! our 6 Paddle Dueling Tree is by Far the Most Fun Pair can Have.
Whats more fun than target practice with a friend?
Our Dueling Tree is made from Solid 3/8″ AR500 Rifle Rated.
capable of taking 30.06  at 100 yards.
Handgun at a safe distance!
Flat surface to limit any ricochet,
Forcing your round into the dirt with the angle of Tree.

Alpha Stand Included.

Tree comes Standard with Rifle Paddles made from 3/8″ AR500.
Optional Pistol Only Paddles made from 1/4″ AR500.

Usually ships within 5-7 days

Additional information

Paddle Thickness

Combo both paddles, pistol 1/4, Rifle Rated

6 reviews for 6 Paddle Dueling Tree

  1. Janmirs

    very well designed, no ricochet as the angle of the tree and the base cause all the rounds to go into the dirt so I use this on my property. works well with my .22 even and farther out with the .338 lapua. called and spoke with andrew/andy and confirmed you can get custom paddles for longer distance with the .22 in 1/4″, very accommodating will be in touch

  2. JusikaSlurf


  3. ZanderKun

    I was skeptical in ordering such a large target. This is worth every penny. It is extremely cheap for how well designed and well the target actually works. My kids have seen major improvement in handgun and rifle and this is a draw at every range almost to the point we dont always want to bring it. Thankfully we’re moving and can use this on our property! Thank you AR500

  4. Steve s.akevisolefah

    im not going to kid around this this is a beast but worth every penny

  5. tea time

    The most Fun my family has had Great target

  6. tantam

    easy setup love this thing thank you

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