Hostage Head and Chest Silhouette

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This Silhouette Target comes with a head and chest paddle that flips from side to side when hit.
Measures  14×10 inches and is made from 3/8¨ AR500 steel.

Improved target shooting practice.
comes with upper post kit for easy hanging with a 2×4.
Works Great with our Simply Best Stand. Stand not included

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs

9 reviews for Hostage Head and Chest Silhouette

  1. christen

    I called and wanted to have something like a hostage, andrew recommended the hostage target. Works perfect I love it, exactly what I was looking for and am very pleased with the durability.

  2. Andrea Ahsain

    Love this target! I stopped by the store and met Andrew who had this on display, showed my everything I walked out very pleased and will have video soon of my shoot! Thank you!

  3. Steve

    great target. can you guys do a bigger one for long range rifle?

  4. warwick

    Love this target, got the combo and can really say I see the improvement in my aim with handgun. The improvement is pretty drastic from just using this fun but really simple target. The paddles I thought I would even have to replace and after taking a few hundred rounds I no longer think so. Will get another!

  5. Abigail

    VERY FUN! I love the reactive portion of this with my 9mm. Awesome target!

  6. WallaceChristopher

    The paddles sway pretty far out with my handgun, farther than I can shoot. Rifle with a scope they work great to 300 yards. I have yet to go farther than that. Quality gear gents

  7. Minden

    Came into the shop and spoke with Andrew, he had this one on display. Very great target, the customer service was great as they seemed rather busy when I arrived. He showed me how it worked and a video of his own. By far the best set up I have come across. Thank you

  8. Luis

    great target

  9. jaqui

    5 stars

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