Hooks and Corners Pipe Stand Accessories

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Our Pipe Stand is The Best Option To Inexpensively Hang A Target
AR500 Hangers are complete chain replacements.
Made from 1/4″ AR500 designed to limit ricochet by having the entire target move backwards forcing the round into the dirt.
No sway like chain, lasts longer. includes a pair of Hangers
Corner Brackets. Designed to Accept 3/4 pipe as a Sturdy Platform For Mounting Targets.just add 3/4″ id Pipe and your Pipe Stand is ready to hang a target.
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3 reviews for Hooks and Corners Pipe Stand Accessories

  1. wildone

    bought a set on eBay they broke same day apparently those are made out of mild steel from a copy company should have listened to my buddy he has this set for over 2 years now

  2. tom weaver

    bought these after I bought some crap mild steel on eBay I will never do that again thank you for making a quality product

  3. Coonhound

    I bought the 8″ & 10″ round set, with the bag, at The Reno Gun Show. This is the best little target set money can buy. Set it up in 2 minutes and shoot all day without ever going down range. We were shooting 38 & 45 and they just bounce right off. Top quality stuff and not very expensive either.

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